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Contractor tips: 7 ways to maintain strong communication with your Contractor's team

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Everyone wants their construction project to come out perfectly with as few hitches as possible. In order to ensure you get the best from your contractor and his team be sure to

1. Establish Good Communication: There's still nothing more important than keeping your team abreast of what you're happy with and what not

2. Keep a Project Journal: Ideally a daily tracking of the job will keep you and your Project Manager on top of everything that needs to be completed for the job

3. Track All Changes in Writing: Any changes you've agreed to make sure they are noted in writing and discussed in detail with your contractor that way misunderstandings are avoided

4. Check the Work: Don't wait for a small item to slip by your attention. Check and address any discrepancies with your Contractor right away.

6. Expect to pay a deposit: As most Contractors will work on the basis of a 30% deposit down before they begin a project.

7. Be a Good Customer: This means being upfront with problems you see right away; communicating these and addressing them with your Contractor and once all is rectified to pay on time without delay.

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